• Cling-On Tablet POS Security Stand

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The New Cling-On POS Stand is a highly secure yet simple POS display solution. Securing your tablet are tamper-proof screws that tighten the bracket around the edges of the device, locking it to the stand base.

The Cling-On Tablet POS Stand has 90 degree screen rotation that allows your tablet to be displayed in either landscape or portrait orientation mode.This feature makes it perfect for use as an iPad POS stand, retail kiosk, public display and desk companion.

The Cling-On Tablet Stand offers two added levels of security in that it can be bolted to a flat surface, like a counter or even wall mounted, or used as a free moving kiosk when paired with one of our security cable locks.

Specs for the Cling-On Stand:
Standing Height: 8.07 in (205mm)
Base (widest point): 3.94 in (100mm) x 5.91 in (150mm)
Cling Compatibility
For full size Tablets in landscape mode 
Max Width - 7.5in / 190mm
Min Width - 6.6in / 168mm

Max Thickness of tablet 9.9mm